WHAT THE HELL IS dailyRoller? More than clothing, more than media, more than art.

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Nationally, there's an estimated 30M+ individuals aged 18-24 begging the same question, "Can I live?" (US Census Bureau, 2010)

dailyRoller is a statement on how individuals live, pursue, and attain their ambitions. This statement is perpetuated through collaborations. dailyRoller is a clothing and media umbrella (aka brand),connecting cultures through stories & media,showcasing people, places, and ideas. Inspired by life. Driven with persistence. Focused on quality.

Work began on the brand  in January of 2014. To date dailyRoller has already begun bringing individuals together through stories, media, and clothing. dailyRoller’s portfolio consist of features & collaborations with artists, entrepreneurs, and other go-getters. Plans are underway for a branded annual benefit concert, DayLife.

Through participation in the creating & recording of culture dailyRoller is pursuing to empower and inspire an audacious pursuit of life endeavors by all, or atleast 1% of the 30M+ seeking to Live.

Daily Roller’s values are: Liberty + Independence + Progress


Staying In Motion since 09/14

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