What does the future hold?

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A storm has just rolled in, many of the graduates of Indiana University’s class of 2015 have rolled out. A finish line of new beginnings has dawn, and a cleanse of yesterday is underway. What will the future hold?

For many new jobs, new opportunities, for some much of the same. I’m in the mist of discovery and planning. The summer will certainly be a great time for that. A dream once deferred may be on the brink of realization. But much uncertainty still lingers.

As I await my letter of re admittance [or denial] into IU, I’ve got a lot to see through. At this year’s graduation Sage Steele gave a wonderful commencement speech with the motifs of ‘what if’ and “how do you want to live the rest of your life”. Thought provoking and inspiring.

I’ve happily reached a point of clarity this weekend. My primarily pursuit will be using Daily Roller as a means to help independent artists and creators remain independent. I realized that this calls for the recruitment of a team. As I’ve sadly realized I can’t do it all myself [I hate when that happens].

So I’m left with the wondering of what does the future hold? As I attempted to put together my schedule for this week’s releases I came across a problem. So many people dreams of being heard/realized/appreciated are drowned in the constant flood of content or simply overlooked by algorithms. Which left me thinking, for the original dreamers, the creators, and the doers- what does the future hold? Especially when you’ve already got your dollar and a dream.