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rolling paper 4 weeks. 4 topics. Rolling Paper is your monthly roll- up of doings and evolutions in culture and Daily Roller. This month's issue Ferguson - Day Life - BORED. - Suicide , lets light it up.


Labor day- the marking of summer’s end. What a summer it was and, a bang of an August to send it off.

Up In Arms

August 9th, a young Michael Brown was gunned down in the streets by an officer Wilson. As the youth laid dead in the streets he became a martyr of civil unrest and collision.


Fact of the matter is that the killing of an unarmed African American male by an officers is a headline too often seen in America today.  One that after years and years of continuance seems to be handled in much the same way. The civil inequities and injustices in this country are deeply seeded, and show but minute signs of resolution. It may be appropriate to ask to what good did the countless number of incarcerated, protestors, and opposing officers serve in bringing this country together.

Much is lost in this matter due to race. By attributing these events to race we miss out on a larger problem; the inequities and injustices in this country are signs of moral inconsistency. The same country which has elected an African American president has also led a platform of minority oppression, from women to homosexual, for centuries. One could say that distrust in the African American community of police officers across this country are nothing more than a microcosm of the same relational views amongst many minorities in this country and, those that are supposed protectors and ensurer of their civil rights.


BORED. Soldiers

The Naptown heroes kept stride in their progression after a stellar beginning to the year, which included a show at SXSW. Summer saw the release of Arrigato by Tag, a mid July drop of Flaco’s Cheto, and the completion of Benny’s  Daydrunk [due to release soon. As well as a beatstape release by group producer Marley Lyon.The creative minds of BORED. supplied their fan base and new ears opportunities to become a part of the movement, with shows at Indy Vinyls, Hoosier Dome, and house shows.

With no signs of surrendering to the pressures of progression and relevance BORED. looks to be stacking up their arsenal in preparation for a crusading future. On August 24th they performed at Daily Roller’s Day Life along side other local musicians and comedians. They also had a feature in Musical Family Tree during August [which you can peep here ]

As BORED. continues their forward march into the ears and eyes of independent music lovers they plan to supply ample opportunities for new listeners to get in touch with the collective. They’re in the process of creating exclusive apparel, features, a new blog and much more.

Day Life

Part party/ part philanthropy, we call that a partlanthropy!

Humid than the hottest day in hell, Day Life persevered and supplied those in attendance a healthy dose of diversity in performers and attendees. Starring the likes of Djeigh Jiggly Puff, an up and coming DJ from Butler University. Ball State’s Parents Weekenedd along with the soldiers of BORED. the day was spent in high spirits, laughter and charity. There was even stand up comedy by Buttenlocker Comedy’s Corey Clarke and Indianapolis’ Joshia Sullivan, two rising stars on the Bloomington comedy scene.

Day Life was Daily Roller’s first philanthropic event, for the cause of raising school supplies for children at Elletsville’s Primary School. We achieved our goal of collecting school supplies, and also supplying those in attendance with a memorable time.

// DayLife Album here by Daily Roller.


Lights Please

By now I am almost certain we’ve all suffered the lost of a friend or loved one due to suicide. I unfortunately have lost two fraternity brothers [all honor to their names]. In addition to the headline of Robin Williams suicide, here at IU we’ve also recently lost a student. Awareness simply isnt enough. It’s now time that we allow the light to shine through the darkness of this subject and reach out to our friends, co-workers, etc.

We’ve repeatedly seen over the decades the results of silent suffering. Unique in our struggle, our senses remain universal. We all hurt, endure, and overcome much to the same degree. Lend an empathetic heart instead of a condemning tongue.

Nothing but love and respect for families and friends suffering the loss of loved ones.


Visit for a comprehensive list of hotlines and prevent resources.



What will the month of September have in store? Be on the look out for Rolling Paper: October edition and remember, keep it rolling.




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