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Rolling Paper is an ongoing roll-up of happenings and progressions in culture, as well as Daily Roller. What's in the mix? Baltimore - #DailyJ -  RFRA - Little 500 - Tech?, lets light it up!

Harder Than Baltimore 

After a thunderous week in Baltimore it seems their legal system has finally gotten the message. What would that message be exactly? Black people are fed up with the same ol’ same ol’, at least those in Baltimore. More audacious it seems than their counterparts in other parts of the country Baltimore’s minority community rose up to everything short of arms.   Today MD’s state attorney announced that they will be pursuing criminal charges against the 6 officers involved with Gray’s misfortunate event. Will justice be served now that its been heard? Time shall tell. Gray was arrested on April 12th by officers (CNN). A week later he was dead after having been in coma. What injuries did he sustain? A broken neck for starters, head trauma,  and other spinal injuries. The reasons for Gray’s arrest were just as ambiguous as how he sustained his injuries. History tells a story of frequent police brutality in Baltimore, and numerous cases of permenantly injuried individuals following incarceration. So why am I taking the time to cover this? Well back in September the media was on fire about Michael Brown. Brown a young black male was murdered in the streets of Ferguson, MO. Since Brown’s murder it doesn’t seem like officers have let up the pressure of killing blacks. 7 months later and things have escalated, even the nature of most social media commentatary. Back in September’s Rolling Paper I suggested that we stop and ponder how was the recently lit topic of police brutality, and the murder of young black men was bringing this country together. Presumably the opportunity to build bridges across demographics has been abandoned, and instead burned. If there was ever a time for blacks, and minorities to begin to get their shit together I’d say the time is now. Far too long have we been plagued with being unorganized, self – destructive & sabotaging ways. In order for a people to rise against injustice it must be a collective effort. It is now time that the next generation of leaders begin to plot their strategy of piercing the oppressive and hypocritical veil of this beloved country.

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The month of April saw a cool down for the heat being garnered by Indiana’s Religious Freedom Reformation Act. Indiana’s Governor Mike Pence’s political reputation just about burnt to the ground. Not only did it garner bad publicity for the Governor but the state as a whole. On a dime’s drop the state went into full PR mode. The act caught flack for its language making possible the discrimination of individuals based off sexual orientation by businesses. One business was able to catch surf from the wave by proclaiming it wouldn’t serve it’s novelty dish, pizza, at gay marriages. I suspect anyone not familiar with the history of Indiana would be all but beside themselves at the passing of such a bill, but aye Pence couldn’t have done it alone.

Little 500 Known as the “best weekend in college” this year’s Little 500 week was eventful. The Union Board threw a successful concert headlined by Big Sean. The show sold out in 2 days, impressive. The 65th running of the Little 500 race was won by Sigma Phi Epsilon, on the men’s side. Kappa Alpha Theta won for the second year in a row for the women. Unfortunately the week did not pass without misfortune. The Indiana University community lost a humorous and very much loved senior by the name of Hannah Wilson. The news stunned the whole community and saw the cancellation of all Greek activity campus wide. A campus wide vigil was held for Hannah last Saturday. There are still some uncertainties around the raveling of events, thankfully the perpetrator was quickly apprehended & faces a potential death penalty.

Tech? Have you heard of Open Words?

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