More Art Than Science

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Image7 tracks of pure cultivation in musical artistry.


Ballads of temptation led by sedating vocals careen you along a path of continuous amazement; complimented by equally trancing strumming, vocals, and keying. Christening lyrics propel you into the depths of this musical experiment. No sound left unmastered, not a chord misplaced, all afforded by allegro.

A sound as contradicting[ly] innocent as is sexual . “More Art Than Science” subjects the listener’s ears to a stream of musical prodigiousness. As they say “the evidence¬†is in the pudding”, and it’s quite obvious within the first 30 seconds of the opening track, “Analog Sex Robot,” that there is no evident lack of talent in the chromosomes of the bands 5 members.

For those of you fan of analogies, “More Art Than Science” incite feelings of a musical rendition of “Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas.” Abstractly compelling and distinctively original.

Simply put this EP is the manifestation of the reason we love music. Rhythmic, progressive, and piercing cadence;  accompanied by a full order of provocative play. Make way for The Shotgun Genome and prepare your ears for a delighting musical daze.


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