May Book Of The Month: HBE’s Time Manangement

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Any one that knows me well enough knows I’m hardly ever on time. Though I hardly ever leave the house without a watch on, and even set my watches 7 minutes ahead, I’ve yet to figure out the magic of being on time. I live in 15 minute windows, which I find completely acceptable. Under 1 supreme condition: if one is to be late you must be worth waiting on. I believe you’d be pretty hard pressed to find anyone disappointed in their decision to await my tardy arrival.

Though I must admit I’ve done my damnedest to ensure that I be worth waiting on, an essential characteristic of a Roller is his or her’s commitment to personal improvement.

This month’s Book Of The Month is what I’ve concluded is my first step towards being a more timely, monochronic individual. HBE’s Time Management was a very insightful and eye opening book. I read it in a weekend, I believe about 7-10 hours – from intro to Appendix.

My 3 take aways from HBE’s Time Management:

        1. There are 3 tiers of goals: Critical Goals- Enabling Goals & Nice- To -Have Goals.

Time management is all about preparation and prioritization. If you are capable of breaking down your vision/project/pursuits into these 3 different levels, and give them clear thought- you should be well on your way to achievement. Purchase the book and refer to page 15 to see the exact requisites of goal setting.

                   2.That giving into distractions can be costly and set you back (pg. 51)

I believe this point is pretty self explanatory and anyone with a pulse, Netflix, cellphone, relationship or life can testify. From “switching cost” to time lost focused on something not goal directed distraction control is something that everyone could improve more upon.

         3.The are 3 reasons people typically procrastinate(pg.41)  the reasons are as follows:

“task is unpleasant or uninteresting; “fear of failure”;”you don’t know where to begin.” The book is full of suggestions on how to overcome procrastinating, which is really the art of time management. Time management can be summed up as follows, the ability of knowing when to begin and complete tasks in order to enable yourself the freedom of accomplishing more meaningful things.

This month’s crash course is complete! If you’d like to work on your time management skills and share your thoughts on the book feel free to purchase a copy right here.