Learning & Commitment

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What a personal journey it has been so far. This month marked the 1 year since the founding of Polyphonic LLC, & the beginning of my quest into entrepreneurship. In that year I’ve uncovered a lot of truths about myself. Come to terms with my past, and I am steadily learning how to trust. It’s funny how sports sometime imitate life. That is I’ve realized so many parallels between my athletic career, life & this entrepreneurial journey.

I’ve realized that commitment is much more than constant dreams and declarations. It is a matter of sacrificing, being honest with yourself, prioritizing, and most importantly of all taking action. I’ve learned that I have a burning determination to do it all, at once. Which has naturally lead to learning , even if partially, the virtue of patience.

I’m learning how to “dream and squeeze at the same time”, or as I like to say, think & run at the same time. There is so much more I’ wish to say, but I’ll leave you with this- this is just the beginning.


Keep it rolling my friend.


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