Djeigh Jiggly Puff of Indianapolis sits down with Daily Roller founder to discuss edm culture, music, and more.

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Have you heard of him? Djeigh Jiggly Puff. He has done shows from 93.9’s 2015 Indy 500’s Coke lot show, to Night Town in Florida, and places in between. He’s a Disc Jockey, a producer of the style ”Bangarang”, student at Butler University, and an entrepreneur.

Djeigh Jiggly Puff has been hitting the Downtown club scene, shaking hands and bumping elbows to make a name for himself. This summer he is working on Summer School EP, a title that rings familiar to many co-eds through out the U.S. I had the opportunity to sit down with the young move-maker, for mimosas & brunch at Cafe Patachou , and discuss his journey thus far.

Amidst talks of ventures, projects, and experiences Puff informed me the previous week a close friend and fraternity brother passed away. The cause, a night of molly. As you can imagine this was a traumatic experience. The death inspired Djeigh Jiggly Puff to take a pivot in his brand, and speak out about the potential dangers of recreational molly use.

Being a producer and disc jockey on the scene Puff’s perspective is especially critical. As he has a near bird’s eye view of molly’s influence on the EDM scene.