Far Eastside Indianapolis father working to restore family values in community, urging community to stop senseless killing.

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CeaseFire Indy is a Far Eastside Indianapolis based non-traditional movement, started by Ron Gilmore Jr. Ron was born and raised on the far eastside, and is the son of Rev Ron Gilmore Sr. Ron Jr. began the CeaseFire Indy movement on April 19th, 2016.

The movement was realized by Gee after being pressed by peers on what he planned to do about the well known gun related killings, throughout the city. Ron grew tired of posting his frustrations on social media. Through his realization, Ron was compelled to act.

In a phone interview Ron recalled the first demonstration, “I got on the bus. Caught it from Raymond and Keystone, to 38th and Keystone. On my way I stopped by the to grab a poster board. I stood there for 3 hours.” Ron stood on 38th and Keystone with a sign that read #CEASEFIREINDY. The movement has since grown from the poster board of Ron’s first public demonstration.

http://fox59.com/2016/09/16/indianapolis-police-say-more-than-half-of-citys-107-murders-in-2016-remain-unsolved/ . In a city with a less than 50 percent solved homicides rate, it is satisfying to see a community member take proactive measure to reduce the occurrence of gun related killings.

The CeaseFire Movement has achieved the support of many members of the Far Eastside community, and a plethora of other community organizations.

You will find people at a CeaseFire Indy demonstration holding signs resembling that of the sign Ron held on the first day in April. Ron’s non-traditional organization of demonstrations has won him a heap of demonstrators. While it has been a point of disagreement from the community’s more traditional activist groups.

Ron has held at least one demonstration every week since April 19th. The demonstration usually takes place on Saturday. You can find information on demonstrations by connecting with the movement on Facebook. Demonstrations have taken places on all sides of Indianapolis.

Ron has persisted in his mission, and has taken up the motto “this is not my movement this is our movement.” The statement is signature to Ron. Many would quickly categorize Ron as an “Unlikely Activist”, himself included. He is a habitual traffic offender. Relies on the city transit to get to demonstrations. And counts on the help from others to bring demonstration materials.

This has not stopped him.

When asked what was his overarching goal Ron stated, “to restore family values in the community. To the point that there will be less people on the bad-side, and more people on the good.” In addition to CeaseFire Indy, Ron has started “Ron Room Rental”. It is an initiative to “reverse homelessness one room at a time”.

Many Far Eastside community members have begun to align themselves with Ceasefire Indy. In addition to individuals soliciting honks from those driving by you can find free food, other organizations, and at times free haircuts for the kids. The Ceasefire Indy movement is bringing awareness to senseless gun-violence. While also bringing together the community positively, with the help of individuals that you would normally not find at a demonstration.

To get involved with this movement for the people you can contact Ron Gee at @Ceasefire Indy (fb), Instagram, or direct email.