#BOTM: Expect To Win by Carla A. Harris

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ūüďö #BOTM Expect To Win by Carla A. Harris. This book neatly weaves practical strategy with personal philosophy. pic.twitter.com/4t2xb0S0Ym

‚ÄĒ DR (@DailyRoller) November 13, 2015

Expect To Win is a very well written book by an exceptionally accomplished woman.¬†Expect To Win manages to neatly weave practical strategy for success with personal philosophy. Expect To Win reads personally; the book¬†follows¬†¬†Carla’s ¬†journey through Harvard undergrad to¬†becoming a Vice Chairman¬†at one of New York’s infamous investment firms. I enjoyed Carla’s pearls most.

The pearls are at the end of every chapter, and summarize key takeaways from the chapter. One could easily benefit from reading the pearls alone, but in order to truly appreciate them one may want to read each¬†chapter. Reading each chapter allows you¬†to get perspective of how each pearl was developed, and how it could be properly exercised in your own life. The journey behind every pearl ultimately drives the book, and develops its¬† relatability. One of my favorite chapters from Expect To Win is titled,¬†“Perception is the Copilot to Reality.”

In the chapter Carla outlines how others’ perception of you can either help progress your ambitions, or hinder them. Throughout the chapter Carla lays out how one can go about shaping the perception others have of them. The end goal¬†is to¬†construct an intended and authentic perception of who you are, and what you stand for. Carla believes it is important that an¬†individual realizes their goal is to have others buy into them like a “product”.

Carla’s equation of how others form their perception of you is: “Your self presentation + The Baggage of the Beholder = Perception about You”.

Your primary aim in shaping the perception of yourself for others is  to keep them from viewing you in the same light as they do others, and their past experiences (hence beholder baggage).

I found this chapter especially important because we live in a perception based world. I believe one must know how to manage one’s personal perception, which is oft referred to as a brand. It is equally important to understand how others come to form their perception of you.

Ultimately I believe that Expect To Win is a book that belongs in the hands, and bookshelf, of all ambitious individuals. Individuals that are looking to establish themselves, and realize their dreams, owe it to themselves to read this book. If not to help uncover their own personal philosophies, but to pick up a couple pearls of knowledge along the way.

As Carla A. Harris states in chapter 1, “there are no true meritocracies.” For that fact alone¬†Expect To Win¬†is important.

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