#DailyJ 05.28: Broke x Poindexter

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“Entertaining yet relatable track written and performed by Poindexter” reads the descrption of the track via Poindexter’s soundcloud. Today’s #DailyJ by one of Indianapolis youngest and most impactful Emcees. In Broke Poindexter touches on everything from “the time in elementary school when he didn’t have anything to show” to his decision not to go to college in order to focus on his creative career instead. It’s clear by the end of the song where Poindexter’s drive is focus. Enjoy today’s witty and relatable track Broke x Poindexter.

Poindexter is an energetic member of Indianapolis’ music scene. He has a catchy delivery, noteworthy wordsmithship, and a versatile style. At only 19 years young Poindexter has established himself as a front runner for the title of The City’s best. With hits like HMNR, Legendary– oh and this piff freestyle -it’s evident there’s some great potential in Poindexter.