#DailyJ 05.06: Los Perdidos x Dos_XX

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Who would’ve ever guess I’d be handing out free spanish lessons? Certainly not I. Los perdidos is spanish for the lost, and it is also the title of today’s #DailyJ. Los Perdidos is also a single from Nuevo Maya, an EP, released by Dos XX. Dos XX is a Los Angeles based “esoteric spanish rapper”.

Lyrically I was lost throughout the whole track, likely due to my reluctance to take any spanish classes since elementary school. However most know that communication is more in the tonality than the substance anyways. Directed by the instrumental and carried by the delivery of Dos XX, this song has an unquestionably serious tone to it. I’ll be quite honest if you’re a “beat head” you’ll likely play this joint back several times. Dos XX actually manages to be quite a complement to the instrumental.

I certainly plan to follow and dive deeper into this rapper’s career. If I’m lucky I may just wind up learning some spanish after all!