#DailyJ 05.04: OK Theory x Justin Wallace

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Once again we are here, the start of another week. On Mondays you some times need someone to just tell you everything is going to be ok, and you’ll make it through. Today Justin Wallace is that person. OK Theory is an energetic track that uplifts.

It could be the horns, it could be the cadence- I’m going to say it’s both paired with the exciting delivery by Wallace. Wallace is a member of Hence 4th Collective, booming from California. This single followed up Wallace’s debut EP The Boy Who Could Fly, which you can peep here . All the more perfect is the message behind the joint, “don’t drop your dream, don’t you dare go and tell me that it’s distant..” exclaims Wallace in his opening verse.


Happy Monday all, and enjoy today’s #DailyJ OK Theory x Justin Wallace