#DailyJ 05.03: Kunai x Flaco

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Yesterday, May 2nd was quite an eventful day. In addition to completing my first half marathon, mini 500 half – marathon, I also got to spend the evening interviewing Indianapolis artist Flaco. Flaco is a member of creative collective BORED.

The interview went down in Indianapolis Historic Fountain Square. Fountain Square is an exploding and flourish district in Indianapolis that is becoming concentrated with many of Indianapolis’ creatives.

I was privileged to be able to spend the evening discussing the evolution of Flaco as an artist, his soon to be released project Misadventures of Kobe Gordon, and lessons learned from the Good Luck In Your Dreams Tour. The interview video will soon be completed and will be available for you all to watch via Daily Roller & the BORED. site ( which you can access by clicking BORED. in the first paragraph).

Today’s #DailyJ as you may have already guessed is by Flaco. The track’s name is Kunai and is a compelling display of the stream of consciousness artist’s talent.


happy Sunday & while you’re at it follow Flaco on twitter & instagram to follow the campaign leading up to his release of Misadventure of Kobe Gordon

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