#Daily Reminisce x Dj Taye

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Ever heard someone breathe life into a classic that you thought you couldn’t possibly love anymore than you already did? Well today’s #DailyJ x Dj Taye accomplished just that. Today’s #DailyJ is Reminisice, a classic born again by Dj Taye. T.R.O.Y. is a single by Pete Rock & CL Smooth, don’t know who they are? Do your homework ked!

I found this gem while listening to the 17th installment of #SaharVibez, an impressive weekly playlist released by Indianapolis native Sahar.

DJ Taye hails from the soutside of Chicago and roll’s with a collective by the name of TEKLIFE. A creative collective of about 25 or so producers and DJs. The Dj’s genre is footwork/jukejungle, according to his facebook page.

I’m telling you these Chicago cats are always coming up with some new smooth ass genre, hardly do they disappoint.

Instead of just laying the whole instrumental on you, DJ Taye’s manages to intermingle it with his own flavor. The joint is almost like a bout of melodic grit and silk. A heavy hitting saxophone which is of the original Reminisce blows you along, while Dj Taye’s snares keep you awake. Do more than enjoy today’s #DailyJ, run it back more than 3 times- like I did. Add it to your rotation, and last but not least follow DJ Taye on twitter:

without further ado Reminisce X Dj Taye, a young 20 something Dj from the Soutside of Chi