#DailyJ 04.27: Taylor Cream Sherry x BadaBing Blusa

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I always like to ease into the week. My Mondays are approached with the mindset of being a breeze to the day. That being said I think it’s equally important to have the proper accompanying tunes playing.

Today’s #DailyJ x BadaBing Blusa is Taylor Cream Sherry. A vibrant and gallant opening track from BadaBlusa Bing’s Ferris Blusa’s Day Off: Episode 2. I gotta admit I considered making the whole EP today’s joint of the day but, I figured I’d serve y’all a sampler. The track manages to be polite and declarative at the same time. Ferris Blusa’s Day Off: Episode 2 is BadaBing’s second installment in his mixtape series.

An independent artist from the Eastside of NOLA, BadaBing Blusa has been steadily picking up traction through his releases & social media presence.


Peep the lyricism, and delivery. If you do it right, every Monday should be a delightful greeting to the week.