#DailyJ 04.22: Erkan Oğur’s Telvin Trio

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Wednesdays, the half way point of the week & this week’s day of world music. I introduce to you all Erkan Oğur’s Telvin Trio. A Turkish jazz trio that I was fortunate enough to see here in Bloomington during the 22nd Lotus Festival. It was the perfect setting to be exposed to such beautiful music.

After a night’s work, on my walk home, I walked past a church that had people lining up to enter. I thought to myself, what an odd hour for people to be going to church. As I thought about it there were no holidays coinciding with this day either.

I walked about a block before my curiosity fully set in, and decided to go back. I just had to find out what was going on in that church. The greeters were friendly, church beautifully lit. If I do recall the chapel that the concert was going on in was circle shaped.

With full attention I sat, in a moved state. The singing, strumming, and helluva solo by the drummer took way with my soul. Along with his musical prodigious-ness Erkan is also known for his innovations with the  fretless guitar. The trio is composed of percussionist Turgut Bekoglu, Erkan, & bassist Ilkin Deniz. Together they make some the most terrific Turkish improv jazz your ears will hear.


Don’t believe me? Take a listen:

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