#DailyJ 04.21 : Visionaries x Clint Breeze & Camo

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I may have forgotten to mention that #DailyJ will not only highlight singles but, Producers, artists & EPs as well. Last year I was able to highlight a couple of EPs, this year I’d like to pick right up and bring to your notice Visionaries x Clint Breeze & Camo. Visionaries is a collaborative EP by two brothers hailing from Indianapolis ( Clint Breeze & Camo).

Visionaries is the second EP by Clint Breeze, following Evolve. This EP is smooth in all the right places, from transitions to samples. It’s an EP about aspirations, pursuit of personal journeys, and inspiring.

The opening track Dream is a breeze of a production. It’s bound to direct you into that daydream state so often lost in. The 13 track EP won’t only make you dream, it’ll also give you the juice and motivation to take action. The Life, which is by far one of my favorite joints, features a sample from MJ. I’d recommend listening to Visionaries the whole way through, so you’re able to capture the grand view.

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Without futher ado: Visionaries x Clint Breeze

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