Choices: Adderall Or Caffeine?

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     We are well aware many of you may still be feeling the mental dulling of your brain being weened from the grips of adderall after this year's send off of finals. While many of you may be in the midst of refilling your prescriptions for an undesirable stretch of summer classes; to those who can't relate, it's ok, Parents Weekendd took into account the multitude of you that pride yourself on a healthy regimen of Starbucks lattes and the like



Genius, insightful, and enabling yes he is all of these things. Parents Weekendd well vested with his own fuel of sustenance has thoughtfully orchestrated your summertime anthem. In ode of both the effects of previous said substances and most hearts desires for the summer, the EP is non- stop action from 0:01.

   The exactness, persistence, and pace of the EP’s tracks are fittingly ordered for a night of shenanigans, indulgence, and memories. Parents Weekendd’s intent for Adderall Prescriptions & Caffeine Addictions was to be the vehicle for your summertime expenditures. Applauds are certainly due.

Due to drop May 20th [enough time for you to condition, rally, and nap for Memorial Day and all that’s bound to ensue] it’ll be like a shock of adrenaline for your summer activities.

As you anticipate, soak in the sounds of an early track release. As well of one of Parents Weekendd’s oldie but goldies.


& because we areliterally too kind here’s our Daily Roller instaradio interview with PW himself, including a fresh stream of the EP.

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