19 year old IU student- entrepreneur partners with International cosmetics firm, for first collection.

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Article Edited by Cameron Clinton. Written by Blake A-L Boyd.

   Patricia Leonardo is not letting her age, or anything hold her back from accomplishing her goals. She is a sophomore student- entrepreneur at Indiana University- Bloomington, as well as a chapter founding member of Sigma Kappa sorority. Patricia is also openly grateful for the tremendous amounts of family support, that has led to her launching the Patricia Collection by NENA.

   The Patricia Collection by NENA Cosmetics is the result of an idea that Patricia, her mother Angel, and Nena (founder/owner of NENA Cosmetics by Nena Brands, Inc.) had over the summer. The Patricia Collection by NENA Cosmetics is a 3- piece daily essentials release. It is also Patricia Leonardo’s debut into the beauty industry. The collection has been customized for teens – 25 year-olds by Nena. Nena is a 26 year veteran of the beauty industry, and has grown her cosmetics brand’s reach throughout the world. Nena’s NENA brand will be launching a new line of collections in Africa in 2017.

“I really enjoy mentoring,” Nena shared with me at the October 22nd launch event. During our sit-down interview Patricia spoke candidly of her relationship with Nena. Nena and Patricia’s relationship began around golfing. The two have maintained a positive connection since. When asked who her role models are Patricia stated her mother. Patricia spoke of how her  mother’s relationship with Nena really helped get things off the ground.

“Trust. Trust, made collaborating with Patricia on her first collection easy for me.” That is what Nena made clear to me during our sit-down together.


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 (photo of Patricia (left) and Nena (right) together)

The 3-piece collection includes a mink pink lipstick that is great for casual outgoings, like class and errands. There is also an eye goggling royal blue mascara, that is meant to accentuate the color of your eyes. In addition to a black felt tip eyeliner. The whole collection can be bought for under 60$. The price point is reasonably priced when compared to other popular cosmetic collections in the market.

   The Patricia Collection by NENA Cosmetics launch event was held at the Skyline Club in Downtown Indianapolis. There are plans in the work for a Chicago launch event, which is the market that Nena is based in.

   Guests in attendance of the invite-only Skyline Club event commented on how light the make-up felt, while wearing it. They shared that the make-up made them “feel confident”, and “inspired to go out”. Patricia’s goal for her first collection was to inspire, and to create a collection that could be used daily.

  The colors in the collection are inspired by Patricia’s taste, and designed specifically for teens- 25 year-olds by Nena.

Patricia Leonardo’s plan for her Patricia brand is to expand.

“I am already working on another collection, potentially for the holidays,” hinted Patricia during our interview.

   Patricia is studying biochemistry at Indiana University, and has her eyes set on Optometry school. “I definitely want to open my own practice too,” she admitted to me in an earlier meeting. Patricia comes from a family of entrepreneurs that are very supportive of her initiative. Her mother and father both voiced a great deal of pride in their daughter.